E-BOOK: The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters

E-BOOK: The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters

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Is your young daughter making you feel anxious about what the Teen years have in store? 

Has the moodiness, eye-rolling and the huffing and puffing already begun?

The Tween Mother's Tool Book is here to help.

This book will support you to:

* Restore harmony after an outburst, but not only that, provides an opportunity for honest and open reflection of the role we all play in the things we do and say in our lives.

* Help you create a calm and engaged relationship with your daughter.

* Promote open discussions, a sharing of ideas and experiences, and set you up to understand your daughter as she grows to understand herself.

The Tween Mother's Tool Book is a unique approach and a powerful parenting resource.

This activity-based guide will help you as you empower your daughter, to develop confidence, assertiveness and a stronger sense of self. 

This book will support the all important connection between you and your daughter as she goes through the joys and the struggles of what are the in between years.


* challenging friendships

* dealing with self doubt

* developing resilience

* moods

* self acceptance

and so much more.

As an educator, author, presenter and mother, it is my belief that we are all doing the best job we know how, but when we know better, we can do better.


"I jumped on this book after a recommendation, and literally ate the book up in a couple of hours after receiving it. I have a very strong willed 9 year old and she has been killing me! This book has made more sense to me than anything I've ever read or been told."- Simone T

Are you ready to create a more supported and connected relationship with your pre-teen? Order your Tool Book NOW!

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