The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters - Raising Strong Daughters - Amanda Stokes

The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters

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Remember when you bought all the baby books to understand your new born? The Tween Mother's Tool book is your equivalent when it comes to raising your Tween! This practical, easy to use activity based guide will support you on your parenting journey.

Designed to be used at point of need, you can either work through the pages and the activities in order, or return to it when you're struggling with a particular challenge. If your daughter is struggling with friendships, flick through to the Friendship section for advice and support. If she's struggling with her self talk, head to the Self Talk section for ideas on how best to support your daughter.

If you're someone who doesn't like writing in books, all of the activities can be downloaded using the link below, and returned to, and repeated as often as needed.

It really is jam-packed with easy to digest wisdom when it comes to raising our girls.

This is a resource you'll never regret having!

"You'll be pleased to know I used your book last night in a panic because Miss 13 was out of the blue upset and emotional about being self conscious about her body. I could not talk reason to her.... so light bulb moment, I grabbed your book and looked up that chapter and we started discussing all the positives and I asked her to list me 5 things she likes about herself and I had a go too. It was very effective at calming her down and putting a smile on her face! So thank you!" -Sarina B

I know you will love The Tween Mother's Tool Book.

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Customer Reviews

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Monica Baker

The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters

Beautiful, honest, well written and informative

Thanks Amanda for the courage to share your journey and expertise with us. The books have helped and will continue to help many 1000s of families navigate the often frustrating and contradictory world of tweens. One result will be more effective parenting and happier kids.

trudie allen
The Tween Mother’s Tool Book: Raising Strong Daughters?

Fantastic read will tell all my friends about it